Manufacturing of hydraulic brake cylinder in small and medium lot sizes according to ISO 9001 norms. Precise metal working of cylinder housings including threads and bores is carried out at CNC controlled milling and metal-cutting machines. Special reamer, honing and roller burnishing tools refine and improve the surface quality of bore and running surface in cylinders and generate highest dimensional accuracy. A criterion for optimal piston movement. In further processing customized pistons are being crafted at CNC controlled milling and turning machines. The surface of cylinders are being treated through anodising or hard anodising. And to the very end, the cylinders are being fully assembled including sealing elements based on brake fluid or mineral oil. Our brake cylinders undergo a final examination checking on function, leakage and dimensional accuracy at applied test stands.


for actuation of drum brake system, disc brake system, multi-disc brakes
1) wheel brake cylinders
2) brake master cylinders
3) clutch master and slave cylinders
4) actuation cylinders
5) brake calipers


brake force reducing valve, brake fluid tanks, repair kits and seals used for brake fluid or mineral oil, accessories