Co-ordination and commissioning to executing metal product manufacturers. Production of backing supports is carried out by certified and recommended companies (according to international normatives), applying contour conform processing of grey iron castings and workpieces of steel. Making use of technical processes such as laser cutting, CNC punching, laser welding, bending, as well as forming, drilling, thread cutting, deburring, riveting, stamping or folding.
In addition backing supports of steel are being selectively optimized in certain areas of particularly strong impact and load. To provide extra surface hardeness techniques such as case hardening or induction hardening will be applied.

1) metal component of brake shoes
2) metal component of brake bands and belts
3) metal disc of friction disc, lined brake discs, lined plates
4) metal component of brake pawls, brake levers


  • ST37-2
  • ST52
  • QSTE320
  • C45
  • C55