Together in close cooperation with customers and basing on technical drawings and first-sample we develope special custom-tailored brake solutions. Assisting the customer engineers team we process the project in its entirety, right from the initial analyses and concept stage, followed by designing, developing and approval testing phase, up to measurements, clearing procedures and the final market readiness of products. Usage of external test facilities and service providers.


  • Friction Testings (coefficient of friction, wear)
  • Dynamometer Testings (inertia)
  • Shearing Testings (attachment of friction material to support)
  • Compressibility Testings
  • Strength Testings (Bursting and break tests)


Small series production (50 pcs./year)
High-volume production
Special modifications
One-piece production
Ongoing development of products
Development of new solutions
Materials quality development
Testings and measurements